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We investigate all of the factors that can determine how, when, and possibly why a crime or an accident has occurred. Learn more about us and what we do.

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Our highly valued forensics are valued by their expansive knowledge in each of these categories:

  • Psychology
  • General science
  • Arson
  • Crime scene

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We are located in southeast Michigan. Please contact us anytime via phone or email:

Great Lakes Analytical Inc.
17526 East 10 Mile Road
Eastpointe, MI 48021

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Forensic Facts

When two objects touch, there is a transfer of material from one to the other. This trace evidence is the basis of forensic science known as Locard's Principle.
Dr. Edmond Locard opened the world's first police crime laboratory in 1910 in Lyon, France. Locard was a student of Bertillon, also a pioneer of forensic science.